Assured 4

There is beauty in simple shapes and lines and I never tire of the exploration. The communication is wondrous where the imagination and memories of the beholder fill in the gaps.

Dance 9

I love the spirit of this one. It really expresses freedom and insouciant abandon. The way I want to live my life.


The life of an artist … the joy and wonder of creation for creation’s sake


In browsing through some past work, I ran across this one from nearly three years ago. It jumped out at me and made me smile. Interestingly, I had named it “Harken” and it reached to me and got me to listen. I hope it says something to you too.

Faint 2

Back to the minimalist style I am so enamored with. This captures both beauty and personality so simply and makes a powerful statement.


My comment on the folly of war and the more general delusion of security in walling oneself off from the rest of humanity for self preservation. From a photograph of a WWII German soldier wearing protective gear.


A stark statement on the ongoing struggle between the spirit and the physical universe. We find our ways and that is life!


A minimalist line drawing of a woman in the mist. Muted tones emphasize the sense of mystification, yet there is a light shining from the eyes.

Gazing 4

A celebratory splash of life in the surrounding darkness. We create the light, the joy, the life. It is an exhilarating realization.

Hip 2

Simple lines and forms conveying an attitude prevalent in my youth. I used to have a similar work in black and white hanging on my bedroom door in the 70’s. I stuck a fake mustache under the nose and it greeted me every time I entered the room.