Couple 5

There is a lot of significance in this one. The power of an aligned couple is greater than the sum of its parts. I’ve found this to be a vital piece of information and the theme is often repeated in my work.


Every once in a while I really tap in to my minimalist roots. I’m impressed with this one as it expresses so much with its simple truth. What do you think?


This one just pops from me … straight from the spirit. I hope you like it too and it inspires you to do great things.

Dawning 5

Creating is such a wonderful adventure. I often surprise myself and I think that’s one of the most compelling things about it. This one started with the yellow lines and led me to the dawning of civilization. I could feel the warmth of the sun baking my primitive body.

Dual 2

I usually start with black or dark lines and then add in color. I’ve recently taken a different tack and started with color shapes and then added the dark lines to create the images suggested to me by the colored shapes. This has added some new dimensions to my work.


Another of my personal favorites. I think the color combination works well as does the fuzzy watercolor edge versus the hard line in the background.


For portrait practice and for promotion, I offered to do pop art drawings for Facebook friends from photographs they sent. I got over 30 requests within 24 hours and then I cut it off. Many really loved the drawing of them and some gushed about it, others were more “meh”.
It was a good exercise for my portrait drawings and it also increased my understanding of my audience.


On this New Year’s Day I am posting an emotional self-portrait. That is a representation of a complex set of feelings rather than something that looks like me. It’s still representational don’t you think?
“Turn” represents my conviction to turn my career in a direction where I am making a great living for myself and my family in the new year and beyond. My purpose is to create art and not to make money. That said, there should be a bridge between doing what I love and monetary independence. That’s the turn I’m making in 2022.