My comment on the folly of war and the more general delusion of security in walling oneself off from the rest of humanity for self preservation. From a photograph of a WWII German soldier wearing protective gear.


A stark statement on the ongoing struggle between the spirit and the physical universe. We find our ways and that is life!


A minimalist line drawing of a woman in the mist. Muted tones emphasize the sense of mystification, yet there is a light shining from the eyes.

Gazing 4

A celebratory splash of life in the surrounding darkness. We create the light, the joy, the life. It is an exhilarating realization.

Hip 2

Simple lines and forms conveying an attitude prevalent in my youth. I used to have a similar work in black and white hanging on my bedroom door in the 70’s. I stuck a fake mustache under the nose and it greeted me every time I entered the room.

Horizon 4

Pure forms and lines in this classic Quiros style piece … one that would make a good foundation for a rock art poster. What do you think?

Strive 2

Current mood … constant striving, reaching for the stars … never give up on my hopes and dreams. It should be easier, but then I guess it wouldn’t be a game.

Steal Away

Another recent favorite … a man sneaking off somewhere, avoiding the conflict. The red lines pull the composition together and neither the foreground or the background would survive as well on its own.

Red Pose 2

Here’s a recent favorite of mine. I like the slightly troubled look on the face of the person on the left and the attention to it from the person on the right. What does it look like is going on here to you? There’s definitely a story there … I love how art can take on a life of its own.


“Hats” is a bit of a departure from my usual simple expression in that I have added some abstract bright colors and shapes. I have some trouble categorizing my work. I suppose that is for the critics to do. You can apply whatever adjectives you want to. I am just joyfully expressing two people with hats here.