Into the Light

Interplay between bold and muted color, fine and heavy lines … I like the oriental flavor of this one.


A recurring theme in my early line drawings was birds and birds mixed with faces. The theme is back in my latest drawing.


Puns … can’t help it … love ’em. This drawing was inspired by a Picasso vase I saw on Antiques Roadshow. I have a deep affinity for Picasso.


Most of my work deals with positive, uplifting themes and indeed my intention as an artist is to renovate and reinvigorate the spirit. The path to a full life, however, requires mastery of another skill … the confront of evil.


It’s important to me that my art communicates … after all, that’s what’s its for. This one is a heartfelt social message that our world is a tapestry of lots of different people of a lot of different colors, cultures and faiths. We must not only get along, but we must help one another, uplift one another … we’re all in this together.

Shadows 2 … green room

Lots of kudos for this one. I’ve said it before, but I love the big format. If it weren’t for the pain and expense of shipping, framing, storing I’d make them all monsters … but then, that’s the beauty of digital … I can carry thousands in my pocket.


I am often asked to do portraits … I don’t often do portraits. My wife does portraits, and she’s really good at it. So, I did a portrait of my wife … mine are impressions; hers are much more representational but she really conveys the spirit.


Maybe this is Elvis if he were still alive today … funny I keep drawing people with gray hair … trying to get comfortable with aging I guess )))