I started with a photograph I took maybe 50 years ago on an escalator landing at the Emporium department store on Market Street in San Francisco then traced and colored it. A new twist on old work.

Woman 7

Getting back to my minimalist roots now and again … simple lines and forms can promote two way communication between myself and the viewer. I present my thought, intention and emotion and unique experiences are triggered in my audience. Sadly, i don’t often get to hear about the experiences that have been triggered. When you see this piece, do you have anything to say back to me? Let me know.


As I’ve said before, I have favorites … which often has little to do with what my audience considers is my best work. People have different viewpoints. I like that. To me, this one has clarity of expression, line and form. It is bold and confident. I welcome your comments …

From Ashes

From the humanity series … the indomitable spirit rising from misestimations like blades of grass springing from cracks in the concrete to reach for the sun … our differences are petty but our individuality is not.


From the love series … one of the most enjoyable aspects of life is the organic growth experienced from the union of two beings.


Continuing to try different emotional tones to see which communicates the best … conclusion? It depends on the emotional tone of the audience, as one would expect, although I believe that higher toned people have a wider range of appreciation for lower toned images than lower toned people have for higher toned images.


A common theme in my work is faces within faces, emotions within emotions – sometimes seemingly in conflict. But a being creates his own emotions … you can easily have gloom in a world of color or color in a world of gloom.


Exploring different means of expression keeps my art alive for me. This one was inspired by experiences I had in college, and before, with woodcuts, linoleum cuts and lithographs. It excited me to draw it; it excites me to look at it. I hope to produce that excitement in my audience.


I often don’t know what I’m going to draw when I start. In this case, I began with the vertical brush strokes on the left and then added the face emerging from behind them.