Striped Shirt

One of my recent favorites. I am fascinated by the viewer’s participation in reconstructing the image. The neck doesn’t have to be behind the shirt collar, the shirt collar can be vertical, the hands don’t have to be connected to arms and shoulders, the eyes don’t need whites. This is communication.

Twilight 2

Did you ever have one of those dreams where you’re in a crowded place and suddenly you realize you are completely naked but nobody seems to notice? Yeah, me neither.

Picking Flowers

Every once in a while I draw something where I say to myself “Wow, I really nailed it that time”. This is one of those. The head is reminiscent of one in Picasso’s Guernica. Though it wasn’t intentional, Picasso’s work is certainly one of my greatest influences.


A little technique departure … the “veins” are actually a throwback to pen and ink days. In those days the whole drawing was composed of fine (Rapidograph) lines. I enjoy the rich lines I can get with the digital medium but rely on the firm foundation of decades of pen and ink work.

Into the Light

Interplay between bold and muted color, fine and heavy lines … I like the oriental flavor of this one.


A recurring theme in my early line drawings was birds and birds mixed with faces. The theme is back in my latest drawing.


Puns … can’t help it … love ’em. This drawing was inspired by a Picasso vase I saw on Antiques Roadshow. I have a deep affinity for Picasso.


Most of my work deals with positive, uplifting themes and indeed my intention as an artist is to renovate and reinvigorate the spirit. The path to a full life, however, requires mastery of another skill … the confront of evil.