Most of my work deals with positive, uplifting themes and indeed my intention as an artist is to renovate and reinvigorate the spirit. The path to a full life, however, requires mastery of another skill … the confront of evil.


It’s important to me that my art communicates … after all, that’s what’s its for. This one is a heartfelt social message that our world is a tapestry of lots of different people of a lot of different colors, cultures and faiths. We must not only get along, but we must help one another, uplift one another … we’re all in this together.

Shadows 2 … green room

Lots of kudos for this one. I’ve said it before, but I love the big format. If it weren’t for the pain and expense of shipping, framing, storing I’d make them all monsters … but then, that’s the beauty of digital … I can carry thousands in my pocket.


I am often asked to do portraits … I don’t often do portraits. My wife does portraits, and she’s really good at it. So, I did a portrait of my wife … mine are impressions; hers are much more representational but she really conveys the spirit.


Maybe this is Elvis if he were still alive today … funny I keep drawing people with gray hair … trying to get comfortable with aging I guess )))


When I drew this about a week ago, I named it “Resident Evil”. I wasn’t 100% happy with that title, but it seemed to fit. Then, when I went to post it on Sunday, I was about to go to my mother’s memorial service. I realized the correct name for it … “Loss”. An emotion we have all experienced.

Nude 3

Since I switched to an iPad for my drawings, I haven’t done that many full figures. With my trusty old Rapidograph pen and paper, I used to draw whole bodies more often. As good as the Apple Pencil and iPad are, it’s still a bit like drawing with a log (compared with a Rapidograph) and the slick glass surface makes fine line control more difficult than with paper and pen. With more experience and practice, I’ll master both mediums.

On Stage

I’m surprised I haven’t done more work with a theatrical theme. Some of my fondest memories of my college days at UC Davis are centered around the Drama Department and one of my most profound influences, set designer Gene Chesley.


This one took me a while to name …. a tired, old, beleaguered face but emanating a shock wave. I realized that’s often how I feel … power simmering beneath the surface.