An aptly named piece because it got the highest number of Instagram likes over the last week. I’m never really sure what will be “popular” and what will not be. It’s probably a good thing because, if I ever figured it out, I might be tempted to follow the formula. My art is my personal communication; if it connects with you, we’ve had a moment. When I was a college Art student I used to say I didn’t care what people think about it – I created it for myself … that’s silly; why would I bother to put it down on paper or canvas if I didn’t care to connect?


I’ve got my own favorites … this is one. Leave me comments and let me know which are your favorites.

Jim Carrey’s Art

I Needed Color An inspiring video about Jim Carrey’s most recent creative direction. I was amazed to see a stupid critical review of his work in the GUARDIAN. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but sometimes the asinine natter of critics still manages to shock me.


Sometimes my drawings border on cartoons. These are usually my least favorite but I post them anyway because a lot of people seem to like them … beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I prefer the simple, clean lines of much of my other work.


A throwback to my roots of simple pen and ink drawings. Every once in a while I think it’s a good idea to drop the color and hone my skills with line, form, positive and negative space.


Sometimes the significance of a piece – for me – comes to me after I draw it and name it. In this case I realized I had drawn a picture of the drastic change from bachelorhood to having a wife and her daughter living with me. It’s all good; they are sweethearts … just a drastic change )))

Night Offering

One common theme in my work is the creative nature of the spirit. Often it’s more subtle, but sometimes I hit you over the head with it … like this one.

Swirl Girl

The name for a piece usually pops into my head just as it’s finished … sometimes I have to struggle a little bit, but not too much. One friend suggested that I don’t name them and allow the viewer more freedom to interpret. I think the tittle is part of the expression and the viewer is always free to interpret.