A throwback to my roots of simple pen and ink drawings. Every once in a while I think it’s a good idea to drop the color and hone my skills with line, form, positive and negative space.


Sometimes the significance of a piece – for me – comes to me after I draw it and name it. In this case I realized I had drawn a picture of the drastic change from bachelorhood to having a wife and her daughter living with me. It’s all good; they are sweethearts … just a drastic change )))

Night Offering

One common theme in my work is the creative nature of the spirit. Often it’s more subtle, but sometimes I hit you over the head with it … like this one.

Swirl Girl

The name for a piece usually pops into my head just as it’s finished … sometimes I have to struggle a little bit, but not too much. One friend suggested that I don’t name them and allow the viewer more freedom to interpret. I think the tittle is part of the expression and the viewer is always free to interpret.