Eye 4

Another simple one. There is something about creating a situation where the viewer fills in the details from experiences and emotions that appeals to me. Let me know what this conjures up for you.

Peace 2

Thinking of peace in the holiday season … harmony, simplicity – native state for the spirit.


When I drew this, I named it “Maria” … no particular reason; she just looked like a “Maria”. When I went to post it, however, it struck me as a Madonna, but a dark, devilish one … hence she became “Diabla”.


This one started with the one line squiggle that forms the forehead, nose, mouth, chin and eye … the rest then followed – I had to draw my way out of it. This process produces some of my most interesting work.

The See

Puns … I can’t help it; I love them. Here an impression of the sea is coupled with vision.


I often surprise myself with my own drawings. I drew an elegant lady with her hair up and a bright pink gown with matching earrings. There was no special reason for this subject matter … it just evolved. Now I like it more every time I look at it. I hope you feel it too.

California Wildfires

As my life is affected by current events, my art is as well. I’ve been working over the past week with volunteers assisting the victims of the devastating wildfires in Northern California …

“Merman” … water wishes for the fire area


“Fire 2” … El Diablo


I drew this less than an hour before my brother called to tell me of our mother’s passing. My first thought was to call it “Death”, but I thought that too morbid so I called it “Aging”. Interesting the wavelength inspiration travels on. We’ll miss you Mom.

Hot Tamale

Funny … I like this one, but it rated very poorly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter compared to the average. What do I know? I’m just the messenger.